Posted by: tierratemplada | April 1, 2013

Those lazy ducks


Remember the previous post about us being too lazy to break with routine, reach out and get what we want? Well, today after Easter breakfast I went with my family for a walk. There is a pond in a park (well, a patch of grass, really) where ducks have made their habitat. I was somewhat surprised to find them here in this “lovely” spring weather. I mean, unlike us humans, they can just flap their wings and fly to any tropical country of their choosing. What’s stopping them? Well, apparently they’ve gotten so used to being spoon-fed by people, that the natural urge to migrate died down. They settled down. Why move, when you have a all-year-round fast food restaurant right by your noses (well, under bird standards, anyway)? Just wait and watch as they grow too fat to lift themselves off ground. God made Man in His image, and now Man makes the Animal into his…

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